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Known Issues

Vivid is currently in alpha and you might experience infrequent bugs in your usage of Vivid. If you experience a bug, please reach out to us over Slack! Feel free to also drop in just for good vibes - we promise we're fun people!

  1. Repeated Component Preview — Preview for new component creation within repeatedly used components is incomplete. You'll only see a preview within the currently selected component, but after adding the class, you'll see it in every instance of that component.
  2. Vivid/IDE Switches – If you're editing in both Vivid and your IDE, you must save your changes in your IDE before going back to Vivid. Otherwise, the files created from your IDE and Vivid will diverge and you'll have to handle conflicts.
  3. Deprecated Vite dependency — If using @vitejs/plugin-react-refresh (deprecated), you must replace it by @vitejs/plugin-react. Otherwise your app won't load React source maps in development mode.